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Collaborating with businesses and society

Text Nikolaj Burmeister and Louise Seest
  • Nikolaj Burmeister
  • Louise Seest

In order to develop relevant research and education at CBS, a systematic and on-going engagement with relevant partners in the business community and public sector is needed,” CBS Strategy, November 2016.

CBS works to continuously strengthen our relationship with business and the public sector. Collaboration with the business community and society is therefore one of three transformational initiatives in CBS strategy towards 2020. We therefor strive to find ways to increase and intensify our engagement in the business community and the public sector.

The latest initiative has been to develop a new model for partnerships. With the new partnership model, CBS will continue to offer companies services in recruitment and employer branding, as these services are still in high demand. At the same time, the partnership model will be expanded to include activities throughout CBS, including elements within the study area and the research departments.

The new model for partnership and collaboration is designed to encourage companies to engage more closely with CBS including active engagement in study programmes and research projects. With this model we are embarking on a journey where we are travelling from only offering Career Partnerships with collaboration exclusively with large companies to partnerships with CBS as a whole, also collaborating with selected groups of SMEs, public institutions, NGOs, and international companies.

The new partnership model should be an attractive and open model to companies which are relevant to CBS’ education portfolio and research profile, have the potential to develop, academic career opportunities for CBS’ graduates and where CBS’ students and graduates may seek for employment or companies that actively show interest in CBS and utilize the partnership opportunities in an engaging way.

The partnership model outlines two levels of partnerships, plus an add-on to specific contracts. These are Growth partnership and Collaboration partnership. Growth partnership is open to all relevant companies and is targeted at SMEs and Collaboration partnership is targeted at all companies that finds interest in a number of collaboration areas offered.

Additional to the two other levels of partnerships we wish to include certain services to concrete companies as a part of their existing collaboration with CBS, e.g. endowed professorships. These companies we call corporate partners, and they get access to the services included in Collaboration Partnership as part of their existing contract with CBS.

While any and all of these initiatives in themselves are relevant and valuable, their greatest value is the joint contribution to realizing CBS’ strategic dedication to ensure ongoing relevance for and collaboration with the business community and society in order to actively contribute to their growth and positive development.

Director Nikolaj Burmeister, Deans Office

Louise Seest, Director of CBS Business


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